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Flow asks you a simple question throughout the day: On a Scale of 1-10, how was your flow, and what were you doing?

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On a Scale of 1-10, 10 being crazy flow, how was your flow in the last hour?

What were you doing?

6. browsed producthunt but setup flow!


Visualize What Matters. Make It Actionable

Are you most productive in the mornings?
The mornings on Thursdays between 10am - 12pm?
When coding? Working on Emails?

Flow helps you decipher what makes you happy and where you spend your time.
Once you start pumping data into Flow, it starts working for you - graphing your hourly, daily, and weekly flow. As it learns more about your activities and self-reported flow scores, it highlights where you can leverage your time the most, the things you do when your most productive, and the things you spend the most time doing.